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Nothing Stated on Papers

On Jan 10, 2003  I found my 6 yr old stallion dead in his stall. He was Hypp N/H and never showed a sign. I had just rode him 2 days prior to his death and he was fine.

I fed him exactly what everyone says to feed and Hypp horsegrass hay and oats.
When I bought the stallion the owner had no clue he was N/H. He was born 1996 and nothing was stated on his papers. I had knowledge about the disease, so I requested the test to be done. When the test results came back he was N/H, and I still wanted him. He was everything I could ask for in a stallion. He had the best breeding, the most mild temperament, and a look that I wanted to own.

I asked vets at Cornell about Hypp and what their opinion was. They told me as far as getting mares to breed to him I probably wouldn't but, as far as a riding horse go ahead and buy him. I investigated on the Internet and emailed stallion owners that had N/H horses. I asked them if they had any problems etc. Everyone advised me that with "proper" diet the symptoms can be controlled, and most N/H horses are asymptomatic.

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Tami and ExpressitImpressiv

Impressive the source of HYPPHello,
I read your stories of HyPP on your website and wanted to share mine
with you. I lost my APHA stallion ExpressitImpressiv on Christmas day
2004 to a HyPP attack. He had never had an attack before, he was 13
years old and N/H.
I was given a new English saddle for Christmas and raced up to the barn
to try it on 'Mister'. It fit great, we rode around, I played with him,
groomed him, gave him his grain and put him away. He was found dead in
his stall the next morning, and the vet said he died about 12 hours
earlier, which was about 2 hours after I put him away Christmas day. I
was devastated.
I bought him, and bred him knowing he was HyPP positive. I only bred to
N/N mares. I read everything I could on it, I talked to breeders that
breed for H/H horses. I have gone completely the other way now. I will
NEVER own or breed another N/H or H/H horse.

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