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Nothing Stated on Papers

On Jan 10, 2003  I found my 6 yr old stallion dead in his stall. He was Hypp N/H and never showed a sign. I had just rode him 2 days prior to his death and he was fine.

I fed him exactly what everyone says to feed and Hypp horsegrass hay and oats.
When I bought the stallion the owner had no clue he was N/H. He was born 1996 and nothing was stated on his papers. I had knowledge about the disease, so I requested the test to be done. When the test results came back he was N/H, and I still wanted him. He was everything I could ask for in a stallion. He had the best breeding, the most mild temperament, and a look that I wanted to own.

I asked vets at Cornell about Hypp and what their opinion was. They told me as far as getting mares to breed to him I probably wouldn't but, as far as a riding horse go ahead and buy him. I investigated on the Internet and emailed stallion owners that had N/H horses. I asked them if they had any problems etc. Everyone advised me that with "proper" diet the symptoms can be controlled, and most N/H horses are asymptomatic.
My stallion never had a symptom that I'm aware of. I showed him, trailered him, ride him, a vet even aced him once to float his teeth. I never had a problem.

The end result is he died. Cornell did his autopsy for me and I want to make people aware that death just happens with these horses. It doesn't only happen to the symptomatic ones.
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