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Tami and ExpressitImpressiv

Impressive the source of HYPPHello,
I read your stories of HyPP on your website and wanted to share mine
with you. I lost my APHA stallion ExpressitImpressiv on Christmas day
2004 to a HyPP attack. He had never had an attack before, he was 13
years old and N/H.
I was given a new English saddle for Christmas and raced up to the barn
to try it on 'Mister'. It fit great, we rode around, I played with him,
groomed him, gave him his grain and put him away. He was found dead in
his stall the next morning, and the vet said he died about 12 hours
earlier, which was about 2 hours after I put him away Christmas day. I
was devastated.
I bought him, and bred him knowing he was HyPP positive. I only bred to
N/N mares. I read everything I could on it, I talked to breeders that
breed for H/H horses. I have gone completely the other way now. I will
NEVER own or breed another N/H or H/H horse.
Mister had one filly this year, she was born on my dad's birthday, Feb. 19th. I sent in her tail hair to UC Davis two weeks after she was born, praying that she'd be N/N.... and she was! I would have kept her, had she been N/H, but I never would have bred her and I always would have worried about her having an attack or dying like her daddy. We named her 'Love' and she will always be with us.
I hope some day all the registries will ban N/H and H/H horses.
Thank you,
Story submitted May 6, 2005
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