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Mandy and Ninety Boy

As I write this email, its hard to hold back the emotions from the sudden death of my 15 year old beautiful, healthy, vivatious gelding.  Impressive 1990 a/k/a Ninety Boy, somewhat of an antique for this day and time.  His breeding, conformation and heart was nothing short of "Impressive" - Sire: Impressive; Maternal Grandsire: Tardee Too.
 I have owned Ninety since December 1999.  I bought him knowing he was N/H as his previous owner had him tested.  Nevertheless, I educated myself on care for these "special" animals.  I would consider Ninety to be a moderately affected N/H horse.  For the most part, we controlled his attacks with diet, exercise, daily turnout, etc.
 Over the five years I have owned Ninety he has done everything I have asked of him.  I purchased Ninety for a safe first horse project and he has given me five good years as a friend, companion and competitive show horse.  During those five years, the suffering he endured during his attacks (a few of which were SEVERE) tore my heart apart.  For years I have told everyone "I will never sell him and he can NEVER be replaced, but I will not own another N/H horse".  I think it can be classified as senseless suffering.
 Yesterday around 5:00, I brought in a healthy horse full of life from his pasture, cleaned his hooves, groomed his lusturous sorrel coat, kissed him on the forehead, gave him 1/2 pad of hay and left the barn.  At 11:00 last night I went to feed his grain and put his blanket on him and there he lay...still, quiet and lifeless.
 We will never know the pain he endured due to his HYPP attacks.  Never again will he suffer!  I will see you when I get there Ninety:)
Story submitted January 2, 2005
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